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Find out what facilities are available for hire in our community centre


The main hall offers a large open space that can hold up to 60 people seated comfortably. It is a very versatile room suitable for Meetings, Social Groups, private parties, and a meeting space for a number of local community groups. 


There is access to smart board and projector, the room benefits from a hearing loop system, surround sound speakers, a CD player and a Bluetooth connector. We can provide hot lunches, buffets and refreshments for your event if required.

hearing loop.png


This room seats 10 people comfortably with access to our digital learning suite, and an interactive smart screen. The room is ideal for training sessions, committee meetings and conferencing. You will need to provide your own laptops, but HDMI and VGA connections are available on the board.


We can provide hot lunches, buffets and refreshments for your event if required. There's a portable loop system available for up to four hearing impaired users.

hearing loop.png


A small but functional room well suited for organisations requiring a private space for one on one sessions, interviewing, counselling and such sessions which require the confines and privacy this room offers.


It holds up to 4 people comfortably and also has a desk and telephone, which means the room can double as an office.


A medium sized room that can hold up to 20 people seated comfortably. It is suitable for meetings, training courses, college courses and has been previously used as a ‘Cylch Meithrin’ room.


It has its own store cupboard and has a set of wooden chairs and tables that can be set up however the person hiring would like it. There is a kitchen area with a sink, cupboard, draining board and an urn that can be used, as well as a toilet and a baby-changing facility.

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